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We're committed to carrying things that fit and flatter a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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We believe in small supporting small & thoughtful supporting thoughtful. And we live by the idea that a smile can change everything. It's our mission to create a community of Superfun people.

Why Superfun?

All The Pants

These days, we have a few awesome non-pants things. But our first loves will always be the pants!

About Us

We find small, thoughtful, mostly female makers of printed fitness pants (those with passion, mission, & purpose) and we have 20+ different fitness professionals test them.

We only stock the best of the best -- the ones that look, fit, and feel amazing, make you feel like a million bucks, and are responsibly made and marketed.


Like the Beautiful And Most Fabulous
Breathing And Moving Forward
Bad A$$ MFer that you are...

Join the Movement.
Remind yourself and someone else that you are more than enough. 
Right now.

*Proceeds raise awareness for anxiety & depression.

New to Superfun Yoga Pants

Sometimes it's pants, sometimes it's hats, sometimes it's tops.
Come back often. Buy. Love. Share.

Superfun Pop-Ups

Our Pop-Up Events are the most Superfun way to find your perfect pants!

Hosted by a Superfun Ambassador at locations like fitness studios, gyms, indoor and outdoor markets, and event style gatherings, the experience is nothing like your traditional pants buying experience.

Our people know how to help you find your perfect pants and the confidence that comes along with them.

  • We only want you to buy things you love

    SYP does exhaustive research into pant sizing, pant fit, and pant sources, choosing to work with small, preferably women-owned brands that put an emphasis on quality. 

    We know what pairs work best on which body types because we fit them on all sorts of bodies every day. And we’re sure we’ve got a pair that celebrates your shape in the way you deserve — a way that boosts your confidence and puts a little spring in your step!
    If you have questions or concerns, we're an easy call or email away. We want you to be as happy as we are in our pants. Because when you feel good you smile. And a smile can change everything.

  • We believe all bodies are beautiful

    We find things that fit and flatter a wide variety of shapes and sizes. And we know they do because we try before we buy. And our Superfun Extended Family gives us fast and thorough feedback.

    Our "models" are friends and often fitness instructors. 5' tall to 6'2", size 0 to size 12. Healthy, vibrant, and completely un-retouched.

    You may think you can't wear our pants, but we challenge you to give it a try. Put a little bit of your inside on your outside. You might just end up #superfunconverted.

  • We're in this to change the world

    Seriously though...

    One human connection at a time. Finding things that help us find joy and confidence and feel more alike and less alone. Treating ourselves and others with kindness and love. 

    It may seem crazy that a pair of pants can make that much difference. But we've seen it happen. And it's what keeps us going.

    It's our mission to create a community of Superfun people. People who understand that living happily is an active practice and who want to help others live more happily too.

Superfun Love

"The positive studio experience that the Superfun Yoga Pants Pop Ups give to our clientele add value in which I am very grateful as a studio owner. Our clients love the pant selection, the enthusiasm the Superfun rep shares for the products and the darling, whimsical signature tent set up. Whether clients leave with a pair of pants or not, I see them walking out of our studio doors as if they had a pleasant shopping experience with their best friend. The Superfun rep is extremely organized and self sufficient, making the entire event so easy for me and studio staff, that we take participate in the party, too! Having said that, my confidence in the execution of the event itself is so high, that I have actually not had to participate, which is a rare gift for studio owner!"

"Love Amy and her amazing collection of yoga pants. She sized me immediately and I fell in love with the very first pair I tried on. They fit like a glove. I never knew that yoga pants could feel so amazing and smooth. She's selling only the best of the best. Loved everything she presented. Can't wait to order more. :)"

"Stockyard CrossFit has hosted several pop-up events with SuperFun yoga pants and it is always an enjoyable experience for our clients and guests. The excitement of anticipating the day of the event is always notable and lends itself to being a very well attended day at the gym. For our clients, the experience of the day goes well beyond the purchase of a pair(s) of exercise pants. Superfun has the uncanny ability to provide an shopping experience that far exceeds the parameters of the usual buying experience. Our clients love the product, they love the uniqueness of the Superfun apparel, they have a great time at the party and exude smiles and laughter...all of which make for a "Superfun" day at Stockyard CrossFit. For us, a place where self-confidence is championed, we have a unified campaign with the mission of Superfun Yoga Pants leaving our members with a memorable experience and clothing that makes them feel good in their skin."

As someone that works with customers on a daily basis, I truly appreciate outstanding customer service. I wanted to get a new pair of yoga pants for my wife for Christmas and as soon as I came across Super Fun Yoga Pants, I knew she would love the style. There was an issue with shipping (a mix up from my office not Superfun Yoga Pants) and the pants were sent back upon delivery. I immediately start to sweat because I wanted these pants to arrive before Christmas. I emailed Superfun Yoga Pants and they respond within minutes. They jump right on it and put a new pair in the mail so I could have them under the tree in time for Christmas. Some retailers (esp during the holidays) would have just said "tough luck" but Superfun Yoga Pants were super responsive and extremely helpful in getting me the pants before Christmas. My wife was really excited when she got them and loves the new pair of pants. Thanks Superfun Yoga Pants for helping me with my holiday crisis :). I'll definitely be a return shopper with you!

"Thank you so much for all you do. What you are creating is far more than yoga pants. The face of one of my clients today who has been working her a$$ off (literally)... the confidence in her face when she looked at her butt in those pants... priceless."

"Loved the Superfun Yoga pants I bought my sister for Christmas. She wears them everywhere! I wasn't sure what size she needed, but Amy and her team were super helpful, and willing do to whatever it took to get the right size. In the end, under their guidance, I ordered the correct size the first time around. Will order again for sure!"