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Tribe Ornaments

$ 83.00
Tribe Ornaments
$ 83.00

Kinda holiday. Kinda just cool. We're finding this geometric print works with pretty much everything in our closets.

And if you've got any fringe, you might want to break it out too. It just feels right somehow.

Find matching MiniMe here (sold separately)


Recommended Sizes: Street Size 0-4 [S]  6-8 [M]  10-12 [L]    

“Buttery soft" 
Waist tight enough to suck in, wide-enough to minimize muffin top
Easily "convertible” length - ranges from just below calf to ankle length
VERY limited edition patterns. Once gone, they will not come back.

These pants are the most “forgiving” of the brands we carry. You can feel comfortable sizing up without worrying they will slide down if you are size 6 or above and have a little extra around the tummy, like pants loose, or we simply don’t have the size that’s recommended.