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Austin, TX

Deb Peterson

Fitness and wellness have always been part of my life. Even as a little kid, I remember doing Jane Fonda videos grapevining in our living room, sporting some hot leg warmers and my purple leotard (of course), next to my mom each day. Something about the movement, the sweat, the fun always kept me wanting more and smiling from ear to ear.

This love for being healthy and active carried over into my college years and ultimately throughout my career evolving into helping others find their specific path to wellness. I have been extremely fortunate to work with many individuals and groups of people in clinical, commercial, and corporate wellness settings. From my days as the Wellness Program Coordinator at Google and then to running my own personal training business in Austin, I have learned I need to be around people -- both on an individual basis where I can connect one-on-one, but also on a large scale where I can help as many people as possible. Superfun allows me to fulfill both of these passions...and, BONUS...I also get to work with my amazingly passionate and inspiring cousin, Amy!

My happiness is watching people’s faces light up when they find their happy pants and can truly embrace the bigger mission of Superfun. We are ultimately more than the pants. We are deepening personal/community connections and promoting joy, confidence, and kindness amongst women. I couldn’t dream of doing anything better!

First pair of Superfuns: Rock City

Fort Worth, TX

Ella Sotello

Hi! My name is Ella Sotello and I have been a hometown Fort Worth girl since 1983. The spirit of the active community here is truly inspiring and I feel privileged to be around such amazing teachers and students who are fun loving, diverse, and always supportive of each other.

For the past nine wonderful years, I've been working with a local, small business called Nelle & Lizzy. Each day, I am surrounded by these two incredibly hard-working moms' and a close knit family work environment. Through the years my coworkers and I have braved the growing pains of a flourishing business which can be deeply rewarding, and the ultimate learning experience.

I've always had a soft spot for companies run by adventurous, strong, entrepreneurial women. My first experience with Amy was at a SYP pop up event. I was instantly drawn to her infectious spirit, her enthusiasm for the product, and the overall mission for SYP. A few months later, I joined the team in it's efforts to use colorful yoga pants as a conduit to promote happiness in each tribe of active people in Funky Town, and intimately bring the community together to share in the SuperFun!

First pair of Superfuns: Purple Awakening

Richmond, VA

Walker Wood

My name is Walker and I am so happy I met Amy and joined the Superfun Good Vibe Tribe! I am originally from Charlottesville, VA, and was raised by a yogi mother who taught me to do what you love and, in turn, create happiness for those around me. I’ve been an artist from day one and creativity feeds my soul.

I moved to Richmond, VA to follow my dreams of being an artist & graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in Sculpture & Extended Media. After graduating, I spent some time in Philadelphia working at the Free People Home Office doing Visual Display, which opened my eyes to the fashion industry. I’ve always been a lover of clothes and being such a visual person, the right pair of yoga pants can literally brighten up my day!

After dabbling in entrepreneurship, I took a 6 weeklong trip to Southeast Asia to “find myself.” After a whirlwind of a trip, I returned to Richmond and ran into Amy the following day! Everything truly happens for a reason. Soon after I became the Richmond Market Manager and being with Superfun has allowed me to meet so many empowering women in the Richmond fitness community and beyond. I love that we get to spread confidence, kindness, and joy and the looks on people's faces when they find the right pants is truly my favorite part of what we do.

First pair of Superfuns: Northern Lights