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April 6, 2015

RVAFashionWeek.com | Made in RVA Blog
April 6, 2015


As I think about what it means to represent my city (que the Jay-Z) during RVA Fashion Week and beyond, I want to make a point to lift up and use/encourage others to use some of the fine goods crafted or sourced right here in Richmond. We are truly a city of creators, doers, makers, and dreamers. I am proud to mingle, mix, and even be a part of this group of visionary minds.

I have been closely following some of the companies below. I think you might want to, also. Take a look at some of the items I have hand picked as essentials to get us all through RVA Fashion Week.

Simply Angie Cross Body Bag

Angela has a great story and creates some seriously trendy and well made clutches, bags, cross body bags, and more. This simple bag is both casual and formal. It also is large enough to fit my planner and cell phone for all the to-an-fro action I'm sure will be going down. 

 Click here to get the bag. 

Super Fun Yoga Pants

You know I'm a yoga girl, but I'm also a lover of entrepreneurs. Super Fun Yoga Pants has had some serious hustle going on the past year. I see them everywhere! The pants they sell are exactly what the name says, super fun, but also very functional. I talked to Sarah Seo Yun Choi, who works with the company, and she said they tried different yoga pants and materials from all over the world, even having yogis try them on for see-through fabrics and optimal mobility.  They picked the best of the best and bring them to you in pop-up shops all over. These are the real deal. It will be important to stay committed to yoga during Fashion Week to remain grounded and also fit in to my favorite skinnies. My favorite Super Fun Pants are below.

 Click here to get the pants.


New Normal Apparel Maxi Skirt and T-Shirt

New Normal makes items ranging from printed tees to yoga pants to sunglasses. I couldn't help but let you know about its maxi skirt. This will be an easy staple to dress up or down during any event throughout RVA Fashion Week. You can pay an extra $15 to have the length custom fitted. Let?s be honest, how many maxi dresses or skirts do you own that are the perfect length? Didn't think so. Worth it. 

Click here to get the skirt. 


Made in Mechanicsville Adaline Necklace

This young lady from Mechanicsville makes necklaces, lots of earrings, and a few bangles. They are simple and sweet. The jewelry features touches that remind you items were made with love. I stumbled on the below necklace that I think anyone can grow to love as a staple in their spring/summer wardrobe.

 Get the necklace here.


Earrings from Drift Riot

This company here is what moves fashion forward. Their minimalist approach to jewelry has resulted in high quality pieces that will stand the test of time for years to come. I really couldn't pick a favorite. I was especially drawn to the brand's delicate earrings. Try these on for life.

 Get the Earrings Here.


Awl Snap Leather Card Holder

Here is another brand I would consider both progressive and minimalist. The high quality bags, backpacks, and other leather goods are luscious and decadent while also being highly functional. As I expect to be networking like I'm actually receiving dollar bills between my butt cheeks at RVA Fashion Week, I'll need a place to keep my new business cards while I do. This little guy is very functional, sassy, and classy. Let's dance, shall we?

 Get one for yourself.


Lip Balms from Mac's Smack

I like my lips dry and crackly. I don't like buying things that also help make a difference. Said no one ever.

I am totally digging the lip balms and salves from Mac's Smack. They are all natural, using some of the best of the best the earth has to offer. Proceeds are donated to a great organization called the McShinn Foundation, which I personally support.  I picked out this four-pack of lip balms. I think the mint one will be especially useful for all talking and bragging and flirting and learning going on at RVA Fashion Week.


Get some for yourself.


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