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It's a crazy, connected world of SuperBAMFs

It's a crazy, connected world of SuperBAMFs

We sometimes cannot believe the many ways in which BAMF is connecting people. Last week, a friend of a BAMF friend saw a BAMF post on her friend's IG. Then sat next to Amy's mom (without knowing Amy or Amy's mom) on an Amtrak train. Noticed the bracelet. Struck up a conversation. And the rest is history.

Keep talking people. It's a Village. And a movement. And we are so glad to be part of it with you.


RG from Kelly:

❤️ my new #BAMF bracelets that arrived today! Thought about waiting until the poison ivy on my wrist went away and I could get a 💅 before taking this pic, or at least using a better background or filter. Instead decided it's enough just how it is! Thanks @brachstar @lmuhlenfeld @karenbrachman - it's amazing what a 🚂 ride can do for a girl! #superfunyogapants @superfunyogapants

The best maternity pants

The best maternity pants

We consistently hear that our yoga pants are some of the only pants that will take people all the way through their pregnancies. And still be wearable when those precious baby bumps become bouncing babies. And, knowing how hard it is to find things you feel good in while your body is rapidly changing, that makes us feel really great. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ashley!

"Oh how I love my elephants!! These have to be the most comfortable pants during my pregnancy so far. I need to get some more!!"  

#22weeks #feelinggood #cantwaittmeethim #sograteful #superfunyogapants

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25 Weeks Pregnant

25 Weeks Pregnant

Love getting new mama emails. This one from Gabriella:

#25weeks pregnant and LOVING my new Superfun Yoga Pants! As my belly has started to grow its been so difficult to find yoga pants to fit properly but these are stretchy and so so comfy! It feels so good to practice, giving me space to connect with my little guy! #superfunyogapants #bamf

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