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If you follow us, you know we have settled in on a couple of beloved hashtags.
There are #myhappinessis & #livingsuperfun More on those in other posts.

There is #superfunconverted - one of our favorites, used less frequently.
More on that in another post too.

I’m feeling like talking about #twinning today!

It happened accidentally at our very first pop-up.

Three girls ended up in the same pants at the same time.
And we took a picture together.
And it felt, to me, like being a (relatively) carefree kid again.

Remember when you WANTED to wear the same thing as your sister or best friend? When you went shopping specifically to get the same dress together?

When did it become a bad thing to like the same things as other people?
When did we start looking others up & down. Judging ourselves or them for looking better in something?
Or having a better butt or thighs, theoretically made more comparable by wearing the same thing?

Interestingly, I know I wasn’t alone in the thrill of putting on the same pants. Or running into someone in the same Superfun pants. There is something instantly bonding about it. Childlike and fun. And often leading to heartwarming conversation and connection.

We are all beautiful in our own way. And when we’re wearing the same thing, we’re rocking it our own way.

We love that y'all have embraced #twinning as much as we have. 

“It’s about different bodies in the same pants, and everybody can wear them.” - Lucy


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