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To buy online or not to buy online

I remember the day I ordered my first pair of fitness pants online.

From a small manufacturer rather than a big name.
Concerned they weren’t going to fit well.
That they would be see-through. Bunch at the knees and sag at the butt. Just generally not feel good. 

And I remember the day that they came in the mail. And I felt taller. 
And started getting stopped on the street and complimented.
Feeling good in my skin and my clothes.
Excited to get the chance to share this new thing I found with other people. So they could maybe feel as good as I did!

I remember:

  • The day I cautiously placed a wholesale order to give my friends a chance to try on the things they didn’t want to buy online (for the same reasons I hadn’t).
  • Getting the call from a studio owner asking “how do we get your pants” and having to tell her that I couldn’t think of a way that it made sense -- either ethically or financially — for me to sell to her at some kind of markup on my wholesale price. And then deciding, together, to have a pop-up shop.
  • Deciding to have fitness professionals test five more small, female-owned brands of pants. To see if we could find others that were as good as (or better than) the ones Richmond and I had fallen in love with.
  • Taking our first online order…
    - The day I knew someone had taken a leap on size and pattern and quality.
    - And then deciding to put two pieces of different colored tissue paper together to wrap the rolled pants for shipping. Not polished and perfect, but human and girly and pretty Superfun really!
    - And later realizing we could use the round SYP stickers we printed for BAMF bracelet packaging to keep the pants packages rolled tight. Ahhh the pops of color. 

We know it’s hard to buy yoga pants online. 
And we know you don’t know which brand you’ll like, what size is right, whether a pattern will be flattering on you. Just like I was worried the day I bought my first pair.

The best way to buy pants is, of course, to do it in person.
And we’re doing our best to get to ALL the markets with pop-ups (big dreams lol). 
But that takes time.
And diligent, thoughtful, careful hiring. And cost.
And we believe in slow and steady. And staying true to our bigger mission.

So if you’re not in one of the markets where we pop-up regularly. 
Or if you are but you find it hard to get to a pop up.
But you like what we are doing/have to offer (translation: would like to buy from us)...

We hope you feel comfortable calling or emailing to ask us questions.
And we hope you’ll get to a place where you feel comfortable ordering online.

We promise you can have a GREAT experience.
We will treat you with respect.
Work with you to find what you want and need.
Take back the things (unworn and returned in a timely fashion) that don’t make you “walk taller.”

We are small. 
And we intend to keep treating ourselves and others with kindness.
Supporting small.
And putting love into what we do. And into the mail to you.


It’s a movement.
And a village.
We’re glad you’re part of it.

Amy & the Superfun Team





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