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Superfun Chocolate Truffles

12oz semisweet chocolate chips
2T butter
3/4Cup finely chopped vanilla wafers
3/4Cup sweetened condensed milk
1T vanilla or liqueur of your choice (rum, bourbon, amaretto, kahlua, etc)
1/4t salt
Dipping chocolate candy wafers

Melt butter and chips until smooth
Add wafers, condensed milk, vanilla/liqueur, salt
Refrigerate for 1 hour
Roll balls

Melt dipping chocolate per instructions
Dip balls
Place on parchment paper til hardened


Amy's been making these truffles as gifts for years.
And now they're a reconnection to what she has loved.
And a practice for staying positive & optimistic & creative, and focused on what's important. Through all the entrepreneur, small business owner "stuff".
See Amy's original Instagram post



On the quest for "happiness," I think it's easy to get caught in a cycle of focusing on what we don't have now and what we think we will have when [insert-list-of-things] happens. 

That's definitely how I used to live.
Until pretty much everything in my life seemed to fall apart all at once.
Prone to depression and in a state of transition & insecurity & fear, the only thing I knew for sure was that I had to figure out how not to dwell in that state. 

I'm not sure what prompted me to start writing "Happiness is"-es, 
but one day I wrote one on my Facebook wall.

It was February. And cold. And in the midst of the anxious and unknown, I found contentment sitting in my car.
And I wrote... 
Happiness is
A surprisingly sun-warmed car interior on a cold winter day.

The next day was simply "French Onion Soup".
Then "Doing something scary. Realizing it wasn't that bad".

I remember noticing "Birds in formation".
And smiling to myself about "Being on the side of the highway that's moving".

And just about a month later, after putting on my first pair of (amazing) printed leggings (ordered online after much debate over whether they would be amazing), I wrote... 
Happiness is
Superfun Yoga Pants. 

In the face of intense struggle, I had started looking for the good things.
Big and small. Simple and not so simple.

And the act of looking for them with the intent of documenting them, helped me savor them. And the act of documenting them in a semi-public place ended up creating connection between me and other people. Inspiring them, I'm told, to choose to look for their own concurrent moments of gratitude.

I think it's possible that it even served to help me manifest the things I wanted or was supposed to be doing (ie living a life committed to the work it takes to make and spread kindness, confidence, and joy). And I am acutely aware, now, that this approach to things is a lot of what is keeping me and the growing Superfun team sane and as joyful as possible as we navigate the life of a small startup. Charting scary new paths pretty much every day.

Our goal in selling yoga pants is not actually about the physicality of the yoga pants. 

The yoga pants are a vehicle: 
To connection.
To feeling good in your skin.
To putting a little bit of your insides on your outsides.
To starting conversations.
To appreciating & supporting small, thoughtul, passionate & with purpose.
To reminding ourselves and others to play a little. And to live in the moments.

And to looking for, and considering documenting, the #myhappinessis -es around you. More regularly than you are right now.

Because "What we focus on determines how we feel. And how we feel - our state of mind - powerfully influences our actions and interactions." - Tony Robbins

Oh...and if you happen to be wearing some pants and post and tag those moments, you might just get regrammed too. #Superfunfamous ;) Just sayin...