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On voting, like a #BAMF

I have avoided talking politics for a long time. I think now, although not a conscious choice then, it hurt my heart. 

Because I believe what I believe. And I have always voted with that in mind. But I also have not been able to bring myself to feel that what others feel (or how they vote) is wrong.

I think that we are the sum of our lives experiences. And we are playing the role we are meant to play to lead to something we can't comprehend. What looks like a "good" decision can lead to "bad" things. And vice versa. And, to some degree, I think we have to surrender to the unknown. And I have felt better choosing to spread love & understanding than strongly taking a side.

 What I hadn't viscerally felt until very recently was the deep sense of gratitude that I now feel for the people & things who came before me. Who chose to play their role passionately so I could have the privileges (perceived good) that I have today.

Essentially one generation ago, I wouldn't have been able to live the life that I'm living... 

There would've been no question that I'd get married, take my husband's last name, have children. I have done none of those.

I could've been a teacher or secretary or social worker. Instead, I got to work my way up a corporate ladder. And then leave it. 

There would have been essentially no opportunity for me to get a loan or own a house or a business. I do/have done all three.
Today, with tears in my eyes, I put on the pair pants that started it all.
And with so much love and gratitude, I cast my vote.
Although I know what I believe is in the best interest of our country, I also know that I will never fully understand the ripple effect of whatever the outcome will be.
And with that in mind, what I find myself deeply feeling is the desire that everyone get out and vote with their heart.
With the sum of their life experiences.
With respect & appreciation for the life experiences that led others' to their votes.
And with a sense of awe & gratitude for the fact that they are able to participate.