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Superfun Chocolate Truffles

12oz semisweet chocolate chips
2T butter
3/4Cup finely chopped vanilla wafers
3/4Cup sweetened condensed milk
1T vanilla or liqueur of your choice (rum, bourbon, amaretto, kahlua, etc)
1/4t salt
Dipping chocolate candy wafers

Melt butter and chips until smooth
Add wafers, condensed milk, vanilla/liqueur, salt
Refrigerate for 1 hour
Roll balls

Melt dipping chocolate per instructions
Dip balls
Place on parchment paper til hardened


Amy's been making these truffles as gifts for years.
And now they're a reconnection to what she has loved.
And a practice for staying positive & optimistic & creative, and focused on what's important. Through all the entrepreneur, small business owner "stuff".
See Amy's original Instagram post



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