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Begin again. And again.

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning." 
- Louis L'Amour

I have been having lots of conversations lately about the fact that everything we do will eventually end. Or be wrong. Despite the fact that we put so much pressure on ourselves to build. And do the "right" things.

And so, it seems to me (and the friends who've been pondering), that the key to staying positive (sane?) is to truly know and believe and learn how to feel in your body that nothing is forever.
To just keep doing what feels good. And what feels right. For now.
With the knowledge that it will eventually be some kind of "wrong."
And with faith that the next "right" actions will each add up to what's best. In each moment.
And through the lense of the life I live with Superfun, this philosophical idea led immediately to the intersection of living yoga and a certain way of living business.
Do with that what you will.
I'm gonna keep pondering it.
Because it seems important somehow. Despite the fact that I don't really know why or how.


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