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And may the road rise to meet you.
Be You. Do What You Love. And may the road rise to meet you.

Be You. Do What You Love.
And may the road rise to meet you.

My grandmother used to say “you’ll likely find the person you’ll marry in your friend group, so hang around Jewish people & you’ll find a Jewish husband.” And I recall my father (her son) saying "you'll likely find the person you'll marry in your friend group, so hang around rich people & you'll find a rich husband."

Same philosophy, different person, different focus.

What’s maybe most funny about the above is that I wrote it as I sat down this morning to write a little blurb about “Do What You Love.”
Why it’s something I feel so strongly about.
How it came to be part of what we, at Superfun, try to live & give permission for/support.
How it ended up on a trucker hat (a year in the making...we're as picky about our hats as we are about our pants).

And as I started to look at some books & websites to gather empirical data on the ways that just simply doing more of what you love can change your life, I landed on liveyourlegend.net … where the logo includes the words “Change the world by doing what you love” and the banner at the top of the page says “The fastest way to do things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them.”

Same philosophy, different person, different focus.

Clearly I was supposed to be spending time with this site.
And I quickly fell down the rabbit hole.
And there was even a moment when I was sure that the page/movement captured everything I wanted to say and my purpose in life was to lead people to it.
Note: I felt the same way when I first started delving into Brené Brown’s work.

It was inspiring but, at the same time, a little bit defeating. I think in part, because it was a system that was already worked out for me. It was a construct that was built for a group rather than just for me. And it wouldn’t require creativity on my part. And I have been (affectionately, I hope) called a Creativity Junkie.

So, in form true to the magpie that I can be, I got pulled by a TedX talk by someone featured on the page. Her talk didn’t hold my interest for too long. But I then landed on one by Caroline McHugh. And sat riveted.

I’ve inserted it at the bottom of this post and it's linked here. In case you are willing to spend 26:23 watching it. It’s worth your time. And maybe more.

It reminded me what I’d sat down at the table to do this morning.
And it gave me context for the YOU in “Do what you love.”

I’d sat down to express myself.
Because for some reason, I have ALWAYS felt good doing that.
It is me being myself.
And, to quote Caroline McHugh, “When you’re yourself, you’re fabulous.”

And I think the greatest tool for being yourself is paying attention to what you love and what you feel intuitively called to do. And doing more of it. And perhaps telling your story. Your way.

Doing what you love, being led by your true self, makes you feel good.
Which gives you confidence.
And makes you sparkle.

Think, for a minute, about those days when you are able to just feel good.
You know you are sparkling, right?
And everything works on those days, doesn’t it?

And I think it’s because when you sparkle, the road rises to meet you.

I’m here, on a human & entrepreneurial journey, with goals for myself of finding more contentment & joy. And, for me, that starts with being actively on a journey to be myselfWhich means paying attention to how I feel when I do things and choosing to build a life of full of things I love. Things I feel that I can’t not do...

Like continuing to build a business with a social mission.
And continuing to express myself openly, authentically, and vulnerably.
And remembering that inspiration is everywhere but nobody else’s right or wrong is necessarily my right or wrong. And, within reason, all that really matters is that I am true to myself and my values.

It doesn’t mean every day is perfect.
But it means that I can turn myself toward the positive more often and faster.
Walk tall more regularly.
And I think it means that I’m sparkling more.

The "Do What You Love" hat.
The pants.
The BAMF Bracelet.
The time spent finding and supporting small, thoughtful, passion/mission Ikigai driven people & businesses and doing what we can to help support them.
These are all expressions of that.

If they resonate with you, they’re here for you too.
To combine with your other experiences and exposure and influences.
For a day, a week, a month, a year or longer.

It’s a village.
And a movement.
And an exploration.
We’d be glad to have you join us.


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