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Leading with my heart. Owning my story. Celebrating myself and my tribe.

I have been drafting and re-drafting a post all day.

I desperately want to announce that it was a year ago today that I flew to Fort Worth for the first time with 150 lbs of pants and an open, vulnerable, scared heart. And to tell you that today I am in awe of how far we have come and what probabilities I am beginning to see in my head.

And I am dying to draw linkage between the anniversary/optimism and the dream lead team that is shaping up this week (even today).

But I am also acutely aware that naming this dream team and tagging these people could be perceived as not appreciating the people who came before them. And could hurt some feelings. Annnnnd I struggle with celebrating and sharing good stages in my life because I really don't want to live a social media life that makes other people feel "less than" about their real life.

The fact of the matter, though, is that two years into Superfun... exactly (to the day!) one year into Superfun Texas... it's been long enough to see tremendous highs and lows. Long enough for people to have come and gone.

[People who I (have) love(d). People who have had incredible impact on me and on the business. People without whom I genuinely do not know where I would be.]

And those people & things make even this magical period in my life bittersweet upon reflection and a little bit hard to write about.

But that's what this life is, right?
Messy. And complicated. And always in transition.

And all I can do is lead with my heart.
Own my story.
Celebrate myself & my tribe.

So I'll share that I am feeling less alone in this thing than I ever have before. And I'll publicly thank & celebrate Deborah Peterson, Walker Wood, andHeather Holcomb Cauley. Who have all had "firsts" that I can't even begin to gush enough about. And who are making everything exponentially better every day right now.

And I'll hit "post" and stop overthinking what people will think or say or feel as a reaction to that.

Because it was important to me to mark the day and thank the people. And I know that all those other stages and people have been in my mind and my heart as I did it.

This is the way I was meant to exist.

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