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I have been dreading...

...traveling to Texas again. Which is kind of ridiculous since I know I love being there.

And this trip, in particular, is progress toward launching a new market. Which is an opportunity to meet new people and help make them smile. Which is what I love most about my life these days and what Superfun does.

The emotions are irrational. But they're real. And I've been grumpy. And not showing up as well as I'd like.

Today, I booked myself into a cute Airbnb in San Antonio. With a girl who looks like a potential friend (she likes lemon water on the patio in the morning!). And I found myself smiling.

And then I looked down at a printed Quickbooks check with our logo on it -- first checks printed today (yes I've been doing it manually and entering). And at an embroidered SYP that I saw for the first time yesterday -- preparing to go on Superfun cabanas (yay!!).

And I realized just how much I have done and how much Superfun has grown. In a very short time. And my mood shifted instantly.

Breaking up my tough day with that one positive thing shined sunlight on so, so many others.

It reminded me that there is big power in infusing your day with small joyful things. The small things lead to big things. And have potential to shift mood in an instant. Which can completely shift the way we impact the world.

That is how the Happiness is(es) started. That is why Superfun Yoga Pantscame into existence. And that is why I think I am where I am, doing what I'm doing.

For the first time in a few days, I know (again) that I have the power to create positive change. Just by showing up.

I think my mantra has a subheader:

"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously." -Sophia Bush

...and it's ok to feel like a work in progress more than a masterpiece sometimes. Just keep looking for the things that remind you of the masterpiece that is, and always was, there. - Amy Brachman



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