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How we make it

I woke up extremely fatigued today.
And a wise and knowing friend texted to tell me she was holding me up.

And she said that the fatigue is a gift.
And to ask it what it was gifting me with.

And the answer that I got was "Release."
And I involuntarily started to cry.

And when I told her that, she said:

"Laughing through a tear stained face is how we make it."

Happiness is
Vulnerably becoming. Resilient.


Begin again. And again.

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning." 
- Louis L'Amour

I have been having lots of conversations lately about the fact that everything we do will eventually end. Or be wrong. Despite the fact that we put so much pressure on ourselves to build. And do the "right" things.

And so, it seems to me (and the friends who've been pondering), that the key to staying positive (sane?) is to truly know and believe and learn how to feel in your body that nothing is forever.
To just keep doing what feels good. And what feels right. For now.
With the knowledge that it will eventually be some kind of "wrong."
And with faith that the next "right" actions will each add up to what's best. In each moment.
And through the lense of the life I live with Superfun, this philosophical idea led immediately to the intersection of living yoga and a certain way of living business.
Do with that what you will.
I'm gonna keep pondering it.
Because it seems important somehow. Despite the fact that I don't really know why or how.

Have you stopped expecting magic?

Superfun | Amy Brachman | Daily Dose of Love | Christine Kloser

I was sitting down to write a post on the second thing that I learned on the #Superfunroadtrip.
And that felt daunting somehow.

And so I decided I would, instead, write a little blurb on a book that has been bringing me a lot of comfort lately: A Daily Dose of Love, by Christine Closer. Which is worth checking out if you're a person who wants to read quick bits of inspiration at a moment's notice.

I opened it to a random page, as I have been regularly for a while now.
And I'll be darned if it didn't LITERALLY land on that second lesson!

I would've called it "Expect Magic" (instead of Elevate Your Expectations). 
But, potato potahto, tell me that isn't what I opened to.
*And I realized as I wrote this that it was on page 108 too!

Elevate Your Expectations
Imagine what would happen if every day you expected miracles to happen for you! You would see, experience, and appreciate many more miracles in your life. Allow yourself to have an expectant heart, and believe that you will be blessed abundantly today and that you will recognize and be grateful for the miracles that come your way.

"Magic doesn't happen when you least expect it...
it's always there surging around you, sparkling beyond your blinkered vision.
And then, one day, when it finds a crack in your armor it sneaks in and knocks you on your ass."
- Wendy Anne Darling

On the trip, and pretty much always when I travel, I expect(ed) magic.
And magic things happened (see linked posts below if you're interested).
And I realized that I had stopped looking for it in my everyday life. And the "lack" of it was weighing me down a bit.
So I reframed it when I got back. Started expecting it in my mundane "home life."
And just like recognizing what an amazing gift it was that this book opened exactly to what I thought was too hard to write about (not to mention that it happened to be page 108?!), I began to notice all of the amazing things that were happening around me again.
And my overall mood shifted quite a bit too.

Are you expecting things to work out amazingly? Maybe try today. See what you see.



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